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Excercise Support

Synthetic technologies have revolutionized the armed forces ability to simulate battle scenarios in a virtual space. Military exercises no longer require deployed assets to facilitate a valuable training experience. Today’s virtual war space enables our troops to engage in any scenario from any location. The powerful capabilities of a distributed synthetic training environment are only realized through the engineering and sustainment of a very complex network. Reliant Technologies plays a lead role in advancing the scope and capabilities of the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE). Reliant professionals leveraged past experiences on other DOD enterprise environments to transform NCTE from a legacy training network to the United States Navy’s Enterprise Training Network.

Support roles include:


  • Security engineering for a highly customized environment

  • Analyzing the cost and capability trade-offs in strategic enterprise engineering options

  • Developing scalable and efficient enterprise delivery processes

  • Estimating, budgeting and procuring resources for an legacy sites transitioning into NCTE

  • Developing Service Level Agreements between service provider and consumer commands

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