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Employee Benefits

Reliant offers better benefits than the typical employer

Select from the items below to learn more about each offering

401K Plans

401k Graphic.png

Safe Harbor 401K contribution levels beat other plans

  • Employees eligible for 4% employer contribution, 3% guaranteed

    • Employer contributes 3% to all accounts

    • 1%  of Employee contributions are matched by employer

  • All 401K contributions are vested immediately​

  • Traditional and Roth 401K options are available

  • Early withdrawals are subject to regular income taxes and a 10% penalty

  • 401K funds can be withdrawn without penalty at the age of 59.5

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Health Care Plans

Employer subsidizes 90% of HMO premiums and 80% of HSA premiums

Optima Gold HMO​

  • Covers Preventative Care at 100%

  • All PCP office visits are covered with a $25 copay

  • Specialist office visits are covered with a $50 copay

  • Employee pays 30% for most other procedures after the annual deductible

  • 2018 Deductible:$2000 Individual $4000 Family

  • $15 Copay for T1 generic prescriptions

Optima Silver HMO HSA

  • Covers Preventative Care at 100%

  • 10% Copay for PCP office visits after deductible

  • 10% Copay for specialist office visits after deductible

  • 2018 Deductible: $2700 Individual, $5400 Family

  • Plan can be coupled with HSA to make deductible costs tax free

Health Savings Account

  • Health care premiums and deductibles are tax deductible if charged to an HSA card

  • 2017 Limits: $3400 individuals, $6750 family

  • Health costs can include items such as gym membership and some drug store items

Dental Graphic.png

Dental Plan

Employer subsidizes 80% of Dental premiums

Preventative Care Covered at 100%

  • Oral Exams (once/6 mos.) 

  • X-Rays (Full-mouth series once/60 mos.) 

  • Fluoride Treatment (to age 19, once/6 mos.) 

  • Sealants (to age 16, once/36 mos.)

  • Space Maintainers/Harmful Habit Appliances

Basic procedures covered at 100% with 
$50 Copay

  • Fillings with Repair

  • Maintenance of Crowns

  • Bridges & Dentures with General Anesthesia


Major procedures covered at 60% with 
$50 Copay

  • Bridges & Dentures

  • Endodontic Services (eg. Root Canal) 

  • Implants with Single Crowns 

  • Complex Extractions 

  • Perio Maintenance Procedure (once/6 mos.) 

  • Periodontal Services (eg Scaling)

  • Annual service visits covered at 100% with $10-$20 copay.

  • Frames Servicing covered every other Calendar year.

  • Non elective glasses and contact cost covered at 100% after $10-$20 copay.

Glasses Graphic.png

Vision Plan

Employer subsidizes 80% of vision insurance premiums



Employer subsidizes 100% of Short and Long term disability premiums

     Short Term 

  • Pays 70% of salary up to 1K a week​

  • If claim is approved, benefits can be paid 8 days after injury/illness onset diagnosis

  • Benefits can be paid for a maximum of 12 weeks

Long Term

  • Pays 60% of salary up to $6K a month​

  • If claim is approved, payment can be made 12 weeks after injury/illness diagnosis

  • Disability claims are paid until they are no longer needed at the age of 65


Life Insurance

Umbrella Graphic.png

Employer subsidizes 100% of Life insurance premiums

  • 50K plan for all employees subsidized by employer 100%

Employee Referal Program

ERP Graphic (1).png

5K Bonus for new employee referals

  • Reliant Employees who refer candidates that become employees receive a $5000 bonus

  •  $3000 of bonus is paid out after new hire has been on board for 90 days 

  • Two bonus payments of $1000 is paid out after new hire hits the 1 and 2 year employment marks

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