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About Us

Based in Norfolk Virginia, Reliant Technologies LLC provides IT consulting services to the Department of Defense. Our personnel have years of experience transforming legacy IT infrastructures into secure and scalable enterprise class environments.

What Makes Us?

Rock Balancing

Management Philosophy

  • Don't chase short term profit opportunities at the expense or workforce health

  • ​A steady growth model makes an organized, effective and resilient company in the long run.

  • Use compensation and other mechanisms to connect employee to the company successes and challenges so everyone has "skin in in the game"

Management Philosophy


Candidates We Look For

  • We recruit employees that are known for making a measurable difference.

  • We look for people who strive to be great engineers and great communicators

  • We seek out people who feel that on the job results matters more that past qualifications

  • We look for contributors who feel that 
    good relationships with skilled people
    is a key ingredient to work satisfaction and mission success

Candidates We Look For

Glass Conference Room
  • Spending the time defining and training each employee on their specific on the job tasks leads to job satisfaction and mission success. Managers should not adopt the "just figure it out" attitude.

  • Employees focus on clearly defined mission tasks. "Busy work" that stems from the "good idea fairy" and other sources is minimized.

  • Promotions are based on capability and a history of results. Rewards are not based on "years in the biz".

Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture

Good environment and culture

requires thoughtful planning and hard work.

Learn more about our approach:

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