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Security Engineering

Reliant engineers approach security problems by first understanding the architecture of the environment that needs to be secured and then developing appropriate security solutions.

​This approach of enlisting security experts as engineering team members has many benefits:

  • System engineers are not left with the sole burden of developing deliverables for A&A packages

  • System design and procurement choices are made while considering the eventual security requirements that must be met

  • Security solutions custom design to close system vulnerability gaps can be developed in parallel with solution development

  • Improvements in the engineering development process can be recommended so that security is continually improved along with each development cycle

Architecture Design

Achieving good security architecture solutions is harder than taking the vendor’s word for what their product does. Reliant engineers have years of industry experience designing enterprise security solutions and have a good handle on which approaches and technologies will get the job done.


Reliant team members have been performing A&A under the DIACAP and DITSCAP processes and have performed with distinction in processing Navy RMF packages. Reliant team members follow one of the below skillset tracks:

  • ISSO: (Information System Security Officer) Focuses on the selection and review of security controls along with some project management tasks.

  • ISSE: (Information System Security Engineer) Focuses on the technical solutions, and technical statements used to indicate a security control is passed or failed.

  • FQNV: (Fully Qualified Navy Validator) Independently validates that controls have been implemented and meet the criteria for risk reduction 

Computer Network Defense

Identifying, remediating and reporting closure of network vulnerabilities is a complicated process with many interdependencies.

Reliant employs experts in various information assessment and remediation tools as well as team members who specialize in directing the overall process and reporting progress to the customer.

Inspection Support

Reliant employees have been cyber inspectors for DISA and several Navy inspection teams including the Office of Compliance and Assessment and the Stage 2 preparation team. Reliant not only focuses on preparing networks for complying with benchmarks in print but can also anticipate how requirement interpretations can vary from inspector to inspector. This academic and on the job knowledge set has translated into great successes in inspection results.

End to End Cyber Security

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